Controls Fungal Development

Molds are the source of mycotoxins and mold prevention is crucial. It is highly activated during storage and harvest. But don’t forget to struggle with pre-harvest mycotoxins. Due to infestation by molds, bio-deterioration and spoilage of grains, vegetables, fruits and agricultural produce at pre and post-harvest, may cause up to 100% losses.

Prevention of molding is an effective prevention of (further) mycotoxin production during storage. But neither of these treatments gives full protection and also higher dosages of chemical solutions decrease the nutritive value.

The powerful combination of ‘Phora milk’ gives the complete protection against to mycotoxins. It doesn’t have any conventional mold inhibitor, but the combination of phytogenics has an effective antifungal effect. It contains a blend of phytogens, which has got an antifungal effect. Researches show that the antifungal activities of phytogenic ingredients are due to their inhibitor effect on energy metabolism and cell wall synthesis and up to 85% of Aflatoxin species inhibited by Phora’s phytogenic content.


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