Inhibits Biosynthesis of Multiple Mycotoxins
Effective formula of ‘Phora suis’ developed by many studies and food storage techniques. With ‘Total mycotoxin control’ program expected a new understanding of the encounter of mycotoxin problem. Phora offers effective solution with control steps and blocks production of mycotoxin.
Phora develops a different perspective on mycotoxin control by total mycotoxin control steps and the first step is ‘inhibition biosynthesis of multiple mycotoxins’ which is unique.
Mycotoxin Production
The mycotoxin problem especially effect of Aflatoxin on animals recognize in 1960 in UK. Over 100,000 turkey were died due to ‘’Turkey ‘X’ disease’’ which was shown due to toxins in peanut feed infected with Aspergillus flavus and aflatoxins.  
These mycotoxins when gets into the system of the animals consuming them may cause moderate to severe toxicity symptoms. Low levels of prolonged ingestion of mycotoxins can be more hazardous. Thus mycotoxins have visible effects in chronic conditions.
Biosynthesis Inhibiton of Phora suis
Many studies show that Phora’s phytogenic content effectively inhibits the biosynthesis of mycotoxin. The phytogenic ingredients inhibits formation of early precursor of mycotoxin synthetic pathway such as averantin and nosolorinic acid by affecting certain enzymes mandatory during primary metabolism. Both early precursors are used in mycotoxin biosynthesis. 
Another mechanism for inhibition of biosynthesis of multiple mycotoxins in toxigenic fungi is associated with the suppression in glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity. These effects morphological changes in a toxigenic strain of fungal species. This deformation of the fungal spores inactived mycotoxins.